Possible Changes to the 2020 Calendar

I hope you are all keeping well and still managing to training at home, in the garden or park – that is the beauty of Shotokan you practice it anywhere.

We obviously don’t know how long the current restrictions will be in place or how things will change if/when the lockdown is lifted. We are starting to put plans in place should the gradings in June not take place. We will keep you update on this as and when we know more.

So, just in case here is our back-up plan… 

Black Belt grading – Sunday 5 July 
The black belt grading on Sunday 5 July will remain the same in Reading. Details of the training and gradings will come out at a later date. (No double gradings) Please make sure you register for your grading by emailing sska595@gmail.com

There will be no pre-gradings at any centres in July.

No gradings in Salisbury or Exeter
There will be no gradings in Salisbury or Exeter. Students who usually grade at these centres can grade in Reading or Swindon.

No surcharges
There will be no surcharges at any of our gradings.

Submitting your grading form
All students must fill in grading forms and hand in their licences and pay their fees on the day of the grading. Students can grade at Reading or Swindon just turn up on the day – no need to book.

We will have certificates for all students who pass their grading and will do our best to have belts too.

Students who did not grade in March and paid their grading fees are permitted to double grade if they want to.= on this occasion only. Just pay for one grading fee and one lesson fee.

If the gradings go ahead in June you can still double grade if you want to.

Kata course 12 July
The Kata course on Sunday 12 July will change to a kyu grading in Reading. The new kata course date will be Sunday 25 October in Reading (same format as the 12 July).

SSKA Competition
The SSKA National Championship on Sunday 19 July will change to a kyu grading in Swindon. The new SSKA National Championships will take place on Sunday 20 December (same format as 19 July).

Full details will come out nearer the time of how we will conduct the lessons, gradings and all courses to ensure we abide by Government restrictions and social distancing measures. It’s our job as instructors to make sure everyone enjoys their karate but keep you safe.

Summer Camp
The manger of the Trouville Hotel said there is a 99% chance that the summer camp will go ahead. So you can send off your fees for the summer camp as soon as possible and book your rooms for the camp. (If you wish to double grade on the summer camp you can)

If you need my postal address to send your applications to please email me at sska595@gmail.com

Thank you for your support in this time of uncertainty, we will do our best for you.

Kind regards

Sensei Cole
Chief Instructor SSKA