6th Kyu

Grading from 7 KYU (yellow) to 6 KYU (green)

Unless stated otherwise all kihon moves are: 5 steps forward and 5 steps backwards.
All in zenkutsu dachi unless stated.Sanbon-zuki
Age-uke, gyaku-zuki, gedan-barai
Soto-uke, gyaku-zuki, gedan-barai
Uchi-uke, gyaku-zuki, gedan-barai
Gedan-barai, gyaku-zuki chudan, Choku-zuki jodan
Gedan-barai, gyaku-zuki jodan, Choku-zuki chudan
Shuto-uke in kokutsu-dachi, front leg mawashi-geri (or ushiro mawashi-geri), nukite in zenkutsu-dachi

5 steps forward turn 5 steps forward:

Mae-geri, mawashi-geri
Mae-geri, kekomi
Mae-geri, ushiro-mawashi
Keage chudan in kiba-dachi, gyaku-zuki in zenkutsu-dachi, gedan-barai in kiba-dachi
Keage jodan in kiba-dachi, gyaku-zuki in zenkutsudachi, gedan-barai in kiba-dachi
All kick heights to the ability of the individual.

Heian Sandan

Attacks: Jodan, Chudan, Mai Geri (first person does all the attacks) (Right & Left Side) then the other person

Defend: Age Uke Gyaku Zuki / Soto Uke Gyaku Zuki / Gedan Barai Gyaku Zuki