4th Kyu

Grading from 5 KYU (Purple) to 4 KYU

Unless stated otherwise all kihon moves are:

5 steps forward and 5 steps backwards or forwards again from kamae stance (combat stance)


Uchi-uke, empi, uraken, gyaku-zuki in zenkutsu dachi

Soto-uke, kizami-zuki, gyaku-zuki, gedan-barai in zenkutsu-dachi

Kizami-zuki (without moving), step forward oi-zuki, gyaku-zuki

Step forward sanbon-zuki, step back age-uke, gyaku-zuki, step forward mawashi-geri (or kekomi or ushiro-mawashi-geri), gyaku-zuki (or oi-zuki) (x 3 & turn)

Step forward mae-geri chudan – oi-zuji jodan – gyaku-zuki chudan, step back shuto-uke in kokutsu-dachi – nukite in zenkutsu-dachi, step forward kekomi (or mawashi-geri or ushiromawashi-geri) from back leg – gyaku-zuki (or oizuki) (x 3 & turn)

Other combinations may be requested by the grading examiner, these combinations are just examples.

3 steps forward turn 3 steps forward or backwards:

Shuto-uke, mawashi-geri (front leg) both in kokutsu-dachi, nukite in zenkutsu-dachi OR

Shuto-uke, kekomi (front leg) both in kokutsu-dach, nukite in zenkutsu-dachi OR

Shuto-uke, ushiro-mawashi-geri (front leg) both in kokutsu-dachi, nukite in zenkutsu-dachi

3 steps forward turn 3 steps forward:

Mae-geri, Mae-geri, gyaku-zuki chudan

Mae-geri, mawashi-geri, uraken jodan, gyaku-zuki chudan

Mae-geri, kekomi, uraken jodan, gyakuzuki chudan

Mae-geri, ushiro-mawashi-geri, uraken jodan, gyaku-zuki chudan

Keage in kiba-dachi, gyaku-zuki in zenkutsu-dachi, gedan-barai in kiba-dachi

Height of kicks to the ability of the individual

Heian Godan
Adults & Juniors Ju-Ippon (Semi Freestyle Sparring):

Jodan, Chudan, Mai Geri, Kekomi

(first person does all the attacks) (Right & Left Side) then other Person

Jodan: Age-Uke, Gyaku-Zuki

Chudan: Step to inside, Downward Palm Block (Osae-Uke), Gyaku-Zuki

Mae-Geri: Step back Reverse Osae-Uke, Kizami-Zuki

Kekomi: Double Palm Block – Gyaku Zuki