Two FREE Karate Courses – Saturday 20 March

On Saturday 20 March we will be holding two free karate courses open to everyone.

The courses will be run by Sensei Cole (7th Dan) with over 55years experience, Sensei Lewis (6th Dan) with over 30 years experience and Sensei Whitcher (6th Dan) with over 25 years experience.
Over 100 years of experience between us all!

Course one starts at 4pm

The first course is a special introductory course and offer for one day only for anyone who left martial arts and would like to return and for beginners who would like to try Shotokan Karate for the first time. Students must be 10 years old and above.

We are happy to accept younger children if a parent participates with them.

The lesson will start with a  warm up, with fitness and stretching.
Then we will go in to a nice slow lesson learning basic moves to start with – blocks and punching techniques plus different kinds of kicks and stances. Distance and timing work and loads of other stuff which you will learn as you proceed on the path for the Back Belt.

As part of the special offer:

  1. You can come back at the grade you left on we will recognise the rank from any association or style.
  2. No joining fee
  3. Just pay a Licence fee of £30
  4. Your Licence will start on 20 March for one year then you renew again in twelve months time
  5. If you have lost your licence book and your grading history and courses we will give you a FREE book all signed up (this includes students from other styles and other karate groups.)
  6. You can buy a karate suit, belts, SSKA badges or embroidered badges for your suit. All prices are on our website or you can wear your old white karate suit and belt if you have one.
  7. We will direct you to your nearest SSKA Club and introduce you to the instructor.
  8. If there is no club in your area we would be willing to set one up.


Course two starts at 4.50pm

This lesson is for all SSKA registered students.
The lesson will be a basic lesson concentrating on basic moves, detail of moves and technical detail on combinations as well as focus, timing, flow of moves and inner strength. We will cover the grading syllabus too.

If you need to renew your licence if it’s run out please contact Sensei Cole directly as every students circumstances will be taken into consideration  due to  Covid 19 and the lockdowns that have been in place. Contact Sensei Cole to discuss on 07557532676 or email

Please note for both courses: Younger children must have a parent with them when they are on Zoom for safeguarding reasons. You train at your own risk on Zoom. Dress code is karate suit or lose clothing you can wear feet protection as well.

Numbers are limited so register early to avoid disappointment.
To register text Sensei Cole on 07557532676 or email

If you decide you like Shotokan Karate and you  like the SSKA we will tell you the procedure to get your licence and join the SSKA you can do everything on line.Just email for bank account details.