September/October Gradings

We are pleased to be able to share with you the new procedures and processes for the September/October Kyu and Dan Gradings. Please read through everything carefully.

What’s new?

Students must register for PRE-GRADING & GRADING

We are asking members to register directly with their instructor rather than submitting a paper grading form. You must have registered with your club instructor  by 7 September to allow us enough time to plan lesson times on grading day. Numbers are restricted in the hall.

There is no Swindon or Salisbury Pre-Grading on this occasion

Dorcan Leisure Centre in Swindon is not re-opening until late September so there is no time for us to put measures in place to operate a pre-grading lesson here. We are urging students to attend Reading Pre-Grading. We hope that gradings should run as planned in Swindon. We will advise should anything change.

Were you due to grade in Swindon in March?

If you were due to grade in Swindon in March and would like to grade in September/October you still need to register with your instructor. It is important we know exact numbers of who will be attending our events to ensure the safety of our students.

Students can double grade

As some students missed out on Grading in March, as well as June, if they wish to double grading, they may do so in this grading period – excludes Dan grades. Please ensure you inform your instructor. 


Families of different grades can choose to train and grade at the same sessions. Please advise us of your chosen session.

Grading information

Our Grading information sheet is available here to download.

Any questions?

If you have any questions please get in touch with Sensei Cole.