Full December Grading Times

Details of training and grading times.
It’s the same times for all venues.
Arrive between 8.30am and 9.00am to do your paperwork at your chosen grading venue for a lesson 9.00am to 10.30am, Gradings start at 10.30am.
Black Brown Belt course and black belt grading at Reading the 13th December. Please make sure your students have registered for Black Belt grading.
Swindon 19th December.
All grades course and kyu grading at Swindon 19th December.
Reading 20th December.
All grades course and kyu grading at Reading 20th December.
Please check your students Licences are in date. If not try to renew on line before gradings.
Reading you must wear foot protection.
Swindon it is your choice if you want to wear foot protection.
No changing rooms are available at all centres you must arrive in your karate suits
Toilets are available at all centres.
We will be still following the sports centre and government guidelines.
Thank you for your continue support.