Special Offer for returning students

Many students give up karate for various reasons. For some it’s due to injury, for others its just life has got in the way. Whatever your reason the great thing about karate is you can pick up where you left off, at any time or any age.

Have you been  thinking about returning to karate?
We have a new promotion especially for returning students. Previous SSKA members can return at the grade they were when they stopped training, this includes Kyu and Dan grades.

We are offering:

  • No joining fee to pay.
  • No need to back date licence – simply pay for one year (£30)
  • Free licence grading book if you have lost yours
  • Free karate belt if you have lost yours
  • If you’ve graded with another association we’ll accept your current rank
  • Plus… One FREE lesson* on a Wednesday evening training with Sensei Cole, Chief Instructor of the SSKA, to help you get back up the the level you need to be.

Lessons on a Wednesday run every other Wednesday.
The next lesson is 23 October and every fortnight after that.

Time: 7.00 to 8.30pm
Venue: Dorcan Recreation Complex, St Paul’s Drive, Swindon


To book your place for this offer please email us with your Name, Grade, approximate date you left the SSKA plus a contact number for you.

Email Sensei Cole at sska595@gmail.com or phone or text 07557532676.
You will be required to fill licence form and pay the licence fee on the Wednesday lesson due to insurance reasons.

*This offer is only available at the main SSKA club on a Wednesday night up to 31 December 2019. Please note the club will close over Christmas period so please check before travelling.